Marketing Tools Shouldn't Be Gated

A repository of 100+ free and fast web-based SEO tools. We're basically Ahrefs or ScreamingFrog, but much less useful and more prone to break.

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Get raw search results in 10s. And don't make a joke that you prefer your results "well done". Only we get to make the jokes here at SEOWidgets.


Discoverability involves having a digital presence for in-market terms. These identify those opps and more! (Actually, not more, that's literally it.)

Top Company Listicles

Discover "Top {Keyword} Company" lists for your industry. We'll also tell you if you're on them. If not, better luck next company.

Site Tools

These help you pull data from your own site. Use them or not, up to you, we're not your boss.

Wordcount Tools

These pull wordcounts for blog articles. We don't know about you, but it feels like SEO gurus often love wordcounts more than they love correct grammar, poignant theses, and, often, showering (cough cough Seth Godin).

Readability Tools

We're not saying you should assume your audience is stupid, but it's still best to write blog articles with the lowest common denominator in mind (aka, Kid Rock fans).

Spell Check Tools

It's amazing how one small typo can totally change the meaning of a sentence. For instance, "Where are my car knees? I can't drive without my knees." Actually, that's still true. Ignore us.


Before we started building widgets, we spent years trying to make it as a photographer. Alas, we never got the exposure we needed.

Technical SEO

It's amazing how some firms overcharge for basic metadata analysis. Of course, we're undercharging. Looks like another night of Ramen.

Competitor Research

When we think about competitor research, we're reminded of the sage words of Jeff Bezos, who once said, "We should lower taxes because, if we don't, I can't afford my ninth yacht." We're not sure why we think of that, but, anyway, here are some tools for researching competitors.

Email Deliverability (DNS)



Or is it spelled miscelaneous? Or is that a dumb question? Maybe. But please don't judge my naivety. I'm just a <p> tag.


Personas is a fancy way of saying, "Maybe you should know who is buying your product before you, like, start to market to said buyers."