Get Blog Article Word Counts via Domain

Just input your domain, and we'll pull blog articles and their approximate word count. Takes 15s-90s, depending on blog count. Downloads to a CSV.

Max 750 rows. Read caveat section for, well, caveats. All widgets are beta and will probably break.

Other notes

Why it's useful: Conventional wisdom is to write articles with more word count than competitors. Theoretically, this should lead to a world where all articles are the size of "War and Peace". Fortunately, we aren't there. But if this tool identifies any articles with low word counts, you can spruce them up with words, images, and references to Russian famines.

Caveats: Sites often block or throttle bots. If you see a bunch of 0 rows, we've been throttled. Word counts may be slightly off due to CTAs, author bios, etc. We also exclude sitemaps with country codes.

With your help, we can launch even more free widgets

It turns out servers aren't free (thanks Obama!). So, we're looking for advertisers to offset these costs. Also, if you have any thoughts/suggestions, feel free to say hi!

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